By donating to the Kenya Project at SSHL, we can proudly say that 100% percent of the funds you donate will go to our projects in Kenya that directly affect sponsored children. If you contribute one hundred crowns, one hundred crowns will be sent to the Mama Norah Education Center, the Clean Water Initiative or the fight against poverty through economic viability in the Sewing House. These are programs initiated and funded by the Kenya Project at SSHL.

We are all volunteers. No one in Sweden gets paid. Even our professional advisors, such as accountants and architects have all been volunteers or sponsored by outside sources. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our volunteer program. Our dedication to using funds wisely has allowed us to reduce the burden of poverty on orphaned and impoverished children in Wagwe Kenya and to provide them with opportunities to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Where Your Donation Goes

As a sponsor, you’ll be amazed by how much can be accomplished with so little. Your small monthly contribution guarantees that a sponsored child receives benefits and support that can dramatically change his or her life. We make that possible by keeping administrative costs on a volunteer basis so that 100% of our total expenses go directly to the benefits and programs that help support sponsored children and their community.