In sweden

Our vision is to teach students how they can change the lives of children and young people in one of Kenya’s most impoverished areas while at the same time enriching their own lives through charitable work.
We arrange information and fundraising activities in connection with SSHL Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverk and other schools, organizations, and charities. By doing so, we can contribute to fulfilling the United Nations Millennium Goals.

In Kenya

Our vision is to bring lasting change to the orphaned and extremely impoverished children of the village of Wagwe in Kenya by providing education, nourishment through school meals, health check-ups, clean drinking water solutions, and an opportunity for the inhabitants of Wagwe and to work together for economic viability. This will be achieved through the Mama Norah Education Center, the Kenya Project at SSHL’s clean water initiative, and the opening of the Sewing House.