Våra Stipendiater i Kenya

Agnes & Dianah

Dear all. In 2005 June when my mother passed, we thought the world had collapsed on us since she was the sole bread winner following the early death of my father. My sister and I were both in high school and so the demand for school fees was so pressing. Luckily through Aunt Alice, we got sponsorship from your project which helped in paying our school fees. Eight years later, we celebrate having cleared college and await our graduations, my sister with diploma in Catering and I with Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, all thanks to this project. It couldn’t have been that easy without your kind hearts and effort. We give glory to God and thank all who supports the project. One can never pray for more than this relief; having to study without worries of school fees. Just when all doors seems to shut, God always has a way and as it’s said “Blessed is the hand that gives” and so be it. God bless you all.

Dianah and Agnes.


I want to begin by greeting you. For us, we are fairing on well. I am Tonny Opiyo Abila studying at Ogongo Secondary School in form four. I am a total orphan. Both my father and mother had passed away years back when we were still very young and left us five siblings. An elder sister, two elder brothers and my twin brother Moses Odongo Abila. Since then, we have stayed under the care of our grandparents who are aging up right now. Nevertheless, your project choose to assist in paying up my school fees just after I had completed my primary education but did not have any where to go. My education had stopped when you came into my life and chose me to be among those whom you assist in paying school fees. This was since I joined form one in the year 2009 to date. This was due to the fact that my guardians were not able to manage raising my school fees. We were left as total orphans and our guardians not able to take us to study our secondary education.

I kindly and heartily want to appreciate this greatest thing you have done for me. It has changed my life and has made me realize how important I am needed by my family members, in my community and even widely outside the sphere. What surrounds me nowadays is the joy and the vision of achieving my dreams and ambitions. Thank you so very much. For now, in this final lap, I have climbed the notch to do my very best and excel highly since I’m destined to proceed to higher levels of learning. I have to recognize that I’ve seen such a great change in my performance since we are boarders. We have neither had disruptions nor disturbances but only to fully concentrate in book work. I greatly appreciate the project for having brought me this far and hope to go to higher heights-fly without wings. I cannot fail to recognize how joyous my guardians are for what you have done. They also identify, record and appreciate your support.

Once again, thank you. Receive greetings from my siblings, guardians, friends and teachers.

Yours Sincerely,
Tonny Opiyo


I would like to first and foremost send my regards to you. I hope that you are fine. We are also fairing on well. I am Moses Odongo Abila a form four in Ogongo Secondary School. Both my parents had passed on years back and left us still very young therefore we are total orphans. We were left five siblings; one elder sister and other two elder brothers besides my twin brother, Opiyo Tonny Abila. We stay with our grandparents who have been fending for us ever since. I want to appreciate the fact that you have offered me support in terms of paying my school fees due to the fact that I am a total orphan. This has been ever since I joined form one in the year 2009 in Ogongo Secondary School after finishing my primary education and performing well. You have made me visualize the achievement of my dreams and I’m still hopeful that what is left I will obtain. You have actually brought very bright light to my eyes and changed everything about how I viewed life. Now I do accept and treat life on a very optimistic way. I am very grateful and delighted. May God Bless you.

I can also not fail to recognize the fact that you still hitherto pay my school fees. Once more, thank you for your continuous support. Now we are in school (form fours boarding) and seriously struggling to attain the desired points and grades. We are fairing on well and we are grateful to our God Almighty. It is cold over hear since it is raining cats and dogs. I am very optimistic since I believe that I’m going to achieve the very best in my final examination, KCSE, which commences on the 23rd of October 2013 and end on the 18th November 2013. In a nut shell, my whole-hearted appreciations cannot be equated to your overwhelming support taken aboard. The project is a success and we are not going to let you down, no matter what.

Finally, may you receive greetings from my guardians, friends, teachers, and siblings. My guardians are even more appreciative and they are delighted for what you have and are doing. I am hopeful that sooner or later we shall meet so that I may take the privilege to thank you face-to-face. Good bye to you all. May God Almighty shower blessings on you.

Yours Sincerely,
Moses Odongo.