After graduation volounteers

In oktober 2014 we had 2 extra participants on the trip. It was Linnea Plöen and Jessica Simpson. Linnea just graduated from university with a bachelor in political science being a SSHL gradue in 2010. Jessica graduated the IB program at SSHL 2014.
They both decided to spend 6 weeks in Wagwe. During their stay they got to see the real life in Wagwe. They worked in Mama Norahs with extra lessons in English. After the term ended they continued with extra school. They also met with some women that was doing their previously missed schoolyears by extrastudies. They joined a local organisation for women, a self help group called Par Pachi that workes with a poultry project, table banking and other common projects.

Linnea also made a field-study on the impact of a small charitable project that ours in the community.